911 2.7 RS – Zest of Lemon

Few manufacturers were as bold as Porsche when it came to paint finishes in the early 1970s. Export 56’s painstaking restoration of this 2.7 RS Touring faithfully reproduces its acid yellow complexion.

“Mick Pacey is livid. He’s just discovered that the appliqué Carrera logo on the boot of the yellow peril has a kink in it and will have to be re-done. It’s one of two glitches in the final touches of the restoration of this 1973 2.7 RS Touring: the other is the ducktail spoiler, which is a zillionth away from matching the hue of the rest of the car. You wouldn’t notice unless it was pointed out, and that’s gratifying as you know the whole project’s going to be treated to similar scrutiny. ‘There are no half measures,’ affirms Pacey. ‘Everything’s had to come off, the engine’s been rebuilt, the suspension reconstructed and the Fuchs wheels factory-finished.”

Words: Johnny Tipler Photography: Antony Fraser – Featured in 911 and Porsche World in 2011.

Zest of Lemon 911 2.7 RS

Click image above to download full Magazine PDF – View the Gallery for more details of this fabulous car restored by Export 56.

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