Storage Facility

Export 56 can offer dehumidified Storage which removes moisture from the air at an average of 100 litres per day. This helps prevent dampness to bodywork, interior and mechanical components without causing dryness to leather interiors, rubber hoses and other perishables.

In addition we offer an Active Storage Programme, pioneered by our storage partners who are innovators and facilitators of the latest in car storage technology so that your vehicle always has state-of-the-art care as follows;

30 Day car roll.
The rotation of your tyres helps prevent flat spotting which can lead to them needing changing.

30 Day tyre & general condition check-over.
Checking and regulating your tyre pressures will increase their life. We also visually check your entire vehicle to identify & reduce any expense that may be required in the future.

30 Day engine run-up to working temperature.
We run your car to operating temperature, ensure that cooling fans are working and that all electrical components are functioning so that your car maintains its condition.

30 day battery condition check & charge.
We ensure that your battery is charged up to full capacity. We can also provide a battery conditioner to maintain the charge. This avoids having to disconnect a vehicle battery which also results in the loss of electrical memory functions such as stereo codes and memorised stations.



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