The Changing Colours of an Arena Red Porsche 993 Targa

The Porsche 993 Targa was introduced for the 1996 model year. It’s smart open-top glass roof design helped it to retain the desired side-on 911 Carrera profile.

The all-glass retractable surface, rather than the removable panel as per preceeding 911 Targa‘s, within a wide B-pillar (functioning as a roll bar) provided that clean coupe line from A to C pillar.

The glass roof cleverly retracts underneath the rear window revealing an almost panoramic opening whilst an unusally effective wind deflector pops-up along the top of the windscreen.

It’s perfect for blasting around the B roads on a glorious summer evening, open sky above your head…

“This car was an absolute treat to drive and photograph. The mix of the responsive yet assured tiptronic box, the growl of the flat six when pressed and the open top driving was infectious.

And that colour; this Arena Red, seemed to react and morph as the day went on. Strong and vibrant during the high afternoon sun and then deeper and richer and equally as striking as the sun went down.”

This car is ready for viewing in our Showroom

Being manufactured and sold between late 1993 and early 1998, the Porsche 911 Typ 993 replaced the outgoing, outdated, Porsche Typ 964.

The design-conscious consumers of the day demanded more, and not only from the design but from the driving seat too.

And changes there were…

Designed by Brit designer Tony Hatter in 1991 the 993 was as recognisable as a 911 should be but it shared only the roof panel, doors and rear quarter windows from the earlier models.

And there many hidden technical and driving improvements too.

The revised external panels include a smoother, curvier front end and rear bumper design and a larger retractable rear wing with teardrop door mirrors.

The wider rear wheel arches were incorporated to accommodate the wider track.

On the road, the 993 feels darty and surprisingly dainty; it’s closer in size to a Cayman than a new 911. The steering is wonderfully talkative and the brakes are better than expected for a 19-year-old car.

The above quote is taken from’s ‘Retro Road test on the 993 Targa‘, an insightful and measured report on the Porsche 993 Targa.

August 1995 saw the introduction of the Varioram induction system, and this engine would be a standard feature from 1996 onwards.

With it came a boost of power to 285bhp and a top speed nudging 170mph.

Further improvements were the dual flow exhaust, the larger cross drilled brakes with ABS as well as a reduction in interior noise levels (ie. road noise).

The new power steering, the slightly wider track and the new multi-link, all alloy, rear suspension provided passive rear-wheel steering (the ‘Weissach effect’) all provided the driver greater confidence and a better driving experience.

Some say the Typ 993 was the last “real Porsche”.

But the fact of the matter is that the discontinuation of the Typ 993, in 1998, marked only the end of the legendary air cooled flat six engine…

And the birth of the water-cooled Typ 996

This beautiful 993 Targa is for sale and is in our Showroom presently.

Text and Photographs of the Export 56 Arena Red Porsche 993 Targa by Nick of AutoClassicaStorage (on instagram).

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